Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Messiah Obama

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan when speaking about Barack Obama said, “When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the Messiah is absolutely speaking.” Barack Obama has been called a Messiah by many. I wanted to explore this idea.

In a recent poll it was discovered that 1 in 5 Americans think that Barack Obama is a Muslim. Only 1 in 3 believe him to be a Christian which is what he professes to be. I do not believe Obama is a Muslim, but I also do not consider him to be a Christian. I believe that his religion is that of the United Trinity Church of Christ, the church that was led by Reverend Wright that Obama attended for 20 years. This church follows black liberation theology and teaches collectivism, an idea that Obama has confirmed that he believes in multiple speeches. Collectivism is the idea that the group (world) is more important than the individual. Each individual has worth only insomuch as they help the group. This would mean that any oppressors (in America this can loosely be defined under their ideology as white people) must cease oppressing immediately (give all their wealth to) the oppressed (black people). It is not, however, as simple as black vs. white. This is an ideology of the oppressors vs. the oppressed. The father of this idea is the ideology of the haves vs. the have nots, or communism.  A belief in this ideology would lead Obama to sympathy for Muslims as they are considered to be the oppressed (America is always the oppressor in this ideology).

The United Trinity Church of Christ teaches that Jesus Christ did indeed live on the earth, but He is not the Son of God. He was simply a good man and teacher (Cone). This is not Christianity.

James H. Cone, the founder of black liberation theology, has said the following. “What need have we for a white Jesus when we are not white but black? If Jesus Christ is white and not black, he is an oppressor, and we must kill him. The appearance of black theology means that the black community is now ready to do something about the white Jesus, so that he cannot get in the way of our revolution.” This is not Christianity.

Under this ideology of black liberation theology, Obama can figuratively be a Messiah for the world. He has the potential to be the man to finally restore equality between the haves and the have-nots, and as he does this, he (and not Jesus Christ) will bring collective redemption for everybody. Under this theology, there is no need for the atonement of Jesus Christ – Christ’s atonement in which individuals can be saved is meaningless when black liberation theology believes individuals can only be saved collectively with everyone else. Obama is attempting to restore the equality between the haves and the have-nots through “spreading the wealth”, or wealth redistribution. This is accomplished through “soak the rich” strategies of heavier taxes on the wealthy as well as Obamacare in the which the health care is equalized for the wealthy and the poor as the wealthy are taxed to pay for the healthcare of the poor. This is the theory behind it, but in practice in other countries it has worked more by bringing down the quality of health care for everyone.

Black liberation theology has communism at its roots. From this we can see that Obama can be considered to be a Messiah to those who do not necessarily believe in black liberation theology but are instead statists. Statists do not believe in God. (I believe that Obama does not believe in God.) They instead worship mankind as their God. They may even feel that they themselves are God.

Statist George Soros has said, “It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.”

The communist goal is to create utopia or heaven on earth. Their plan to accomplish this is initially for the have-nots to become in charge of the haves. This involves spreading or redistributing the wealth and making all things owned in common amongst all. Although they acknowledge that this will take violence to reach this place of common ownership, their goal is that once this is achieved there will be heaven on earth, and they will be the ones to have brought this about. They do not believe in God. They are acting as God themselves. They do not necessarily believe in an after life, and so this is the life for them to grab the reins and act as the gods they believe that they are. Of course this utopia has never been achieved in the history of the world during the many times that communism has been tried. The belief is that it has never been tried correctly or by the right people. Keep in mind that the communist goal is for worldwide communism. Communists actually believe that America is the key to finally make it work correctly. If they can only turn America to communism then all of the other pieces (countries) will fall into line. In this way, if America turns to communism, then this age old dream of worldwide communist utopia will finally be realized. If Obama then is the one to finally bring communism to America, he will have finally brought to fruition the age old plan to create a heaven on earth. If Obama is the one to do this, then Obama is figuratively a Messiah for the world. There is no need for Jesus Christ’s atonement for individuals if there is no after life and if Obama can be the Messiah for the world (or the one who brought heaven to earth).

In communism (of which black liberation theology is a subset), there is no need for Jesus Christ and there is no God. You can see then how this ideology is a replacement for God and religion, and that it is very evil. Ezra Taft Benson has said that socialism is essentially and fundamentally communism. They share the same fundamentals. Any type of statism derives from communism and from Karl Marx and is designed to take away our freedom and free agency as well as our belief in God. Whether it is labeled as socialism, communism, Fabian socialism, progressivism, or the like, when it involves forced redistribution of wealth, we are on the path to supporting the Gadianton Robbers. Please keep this in mind when you must choose whether or not to vote for those who support redistributionist policies. These policies are designed to lead us to utopia, a journey that necessarily results in failure and violence and murders. Just look at Greece and Europe. They have been living with socialism for many decades. It is currently collapsing in failure and violence that can be seen by all of the street rioting by those protesting the austerity packages. As their socialism fails them, where will they turn to next? Something worse than socialism? And where will the collapse of our socialist programs here in America lead us next?


  1. Wasn't Joseph Smith a communist? ;)

  2. No, Joesph Smith was not a communist. This is a very important yet to some subtle distinction. Please see my post entitled "The Gadianton Robbers Were Statists" for a more thorough explanation, but the short answer is that communism involves an involuntary transfer of wealth from citizen to state while the Law of Consecration (including the United Order which early members of the church lived under) involves a voluntary (free agency is key!) helping out of others with their needs.