Monday, October 4, 2010

I Had A Dream

I recently had a dream that I was in a big mansion. [My belief is that the mansion represented the world.] It was filled with vast rooms. In each room, there were hundreds of people. In each room, most of these people were gathered together in a huddle against one wall of the room. The people in these huddles were waiting for their government handouts; their “spoils” of the Gadianton robbers. The remainder of the people in each room was walking about throughout the rest of the room being industrious. I was running from room to room trying to get people to listen to me. No one would listen, so I began yelling, “Can’t you see that this is socialism? That this is communism?” Every once in a while someone would listen to me and leave the huddle, but for the most part no one would listen to me. [My belief is that my running around the mansion trying to warn others of socialism represented what I have been doing with my blog.] I was so upset I began crying. I decided to change my tactics. I began looking for people that I know now or have known in the past in hopes that they might take the time to at least hear me out since they knew me. [My belief is that this reflected what I have been doing through social networking sites and other means – telling people I know or have known about my blog.] The final person I approached was a friend from the past. I grabbed her by the arms and I said, “This is socialism! This is communism! Will you hear me? Will you listen to me?” It was then that I noticed that her eyes were glazed over as if she was under the influence of some sort of drug. I looked at the people huddled up waiting for their “spoils” and realized that they all had the same look in their eyes. I realized that they were intoxicated by statism and addicted to the “spoils”. After I asked my friend if she would listen to me, if she realized she was supporting and partaking in socialism, she said, “But I like it” and walked away back with the rest of the masses.

That was the end of my dream. In sharing my dream with my husband, he reminded me that it was communist Karl Marx who said that “religion is the opiate of the masses”. My dream would indicate that statism is the true opiate of the masses. This makes sense to me since statism is the opposite of religion and an alternative to religion. Statism is an opiate. You can become addicted to the government handouts. It requires little effort on your part to attain that promise that you will be taken care of. You don’t do anything for it. You stand in your huddle and wait for instruction and to be given what you need. Statism and the welfare state also numbs you to life and exalts you from having to work hard and make it on your own merit.  But then it also stunts your eternal progression.

Religion, on the other hand, requires you to do something. You must search it out and learn about it. You must take an active leap of faith to believe it. You must work hard to live the commandments and to try to be Christlike.


  1. INTERESTING! Aren't dreams so strange and amazing sometimes? Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate your perspective.

  2. Interesting dream. For some reason our country has become a society where people think they are entitled. I heard on Rush Limbaugh today about how California had to cut off the use of state-issued welfare debit cards at casinos and cruise ships. I think this is a good example of people living off of the spoils of the government.

  3. Who were the remainder of the people walking around being industrious? Were they listening to you? I'm interested in them, because I feel like I may be one of them. The people that work hard, believe in freedom, and hate government control. But maybe they're just so tired and disenchanted that they can't get it together enough to follow new leaders?

  4. Darci, I am not sure if they were listening to me or not. Interpretation has always been the hardest part for me when it comes to my dreams. You raise an interesting point that I had not considered. I think they (we) have not been aware enough of the socialist/communist slide our country has been taking. I also think they (we) have not been organized enough to fight this slide. These people were certainly not organized in any way in my dream.