Sunday, March 7, 2010

On the Dole Again

I had an acquaintance who lost her job.  She was a single mother, and it was a trying time for her.  She decided to go back to school.  She was able to do this because the government (i.e. you, the taxpayer) paid for her tuition through a grant.  She was able to still support her family through other government welfare such as food stamps.  So here she is trying to improve her situation and take care of her family.  Next thing she knows, her company wants to hire her back.  Her company had gone through a rough patch, but things were looking up for them now.  Well, if she goes back to work, she will no longer qualify for government welfare to care for her family and grants to pay for her schooling.  She would make too much money, as the job was a pretty decent one.  But now she had adjusted to going to school part time and then going home to spend most of her day with her children and doing what she wanted to do.  She didn't want to go back to work full-time when she could make enough money on welfare.

She did decide that she wouldn't mind a little extra spending money, so she arranged with her employer to go back to work part-time.  They wanted her full-time, but they, together, figured out how many hours she could work and how much she could be paid in order to still qualify for her government subsidies.  She made the selfish decision, but it was a decision that was in her and her family's financial best interest.  She got to go back to school and care for her family and have extra spending money, but she also got to be home more since she didn't need to work so many hours.  On the taxpayers' dime.  I wonder how many people have found themselves in this situation where they used to be productive, but now they will spend the rest of their lives working the system.

Our country is already quasi-socialist through welfare.  And socialism doesn't work.  Money is taken from the haves through taxes, making them less successful, and given to the have-nots, even if the have-nots could be haves but choose not to.  It even helps the have-nots make the choice to continue to be have-nots.  And thus everyone is worse off.

Those people on welfare often instead of trying to get off welfare, use their welfare income in their budget as if it was now just part of their income.  And why try to make more money by doing extra work when it would just disqualify you for your welfare stipend and replace that.  You are not left with more money, initially, than if you had just stayed on welfare.  If you don't ever take that first harsh step off of welfare and try to make it on your own again, you will never reach independence and become productive again.  It is easier to just stay on welfare.

It works the same with countries.  Other countries, especially in Africa, have come to depend on foreign aid from America.  It is no longer the helping hand to get them on track, but has become just part of their budgeted income.  And why try harder as a country when you can instead just get your extra money from America?


  1. Aaaaaghh. Who is John Galt?

  2. how long is it going to be until nobody is working anymore..., that's how Europe is....haha, those that do work, it's only 20 hour work weeks or something ridiculous like that.