Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obamacare: Heaven Help Us All

So what exactly is so bad about Obamacare?  There of course is the fact that its very existence is unconstitutional, the buying of votes to get it passed with taxpayer dollars, and the rise in abortions we can expect now that abortions will be paid for by taxpayers.  Let's just put all that aside for a moment.  What Obamacare does that is so bad is that it will put all private insurance companies out of business.  If you understand economics at all, you can see that it has to.  Insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to anyone for any reason.  If they have to take anyone and cannot charge higher premiums on anyone, then everyone who has insurance must share equally in the costs.  This means that healthy people will be charged the same premiums as someone who is dying of cancer.  All premiums go up.  This then means that healthy people will not be able to afford insurance and will no longer have it.  People will only have insurance when they get sick.  And the fine they pay as punishment for not having insurance will go to the government and not to the insurance companies who will be barely alive at this point.  As people will get insurance only when they need health care to be paid for, insurance companies will not have the money any longer to pay for health care (they lose money as they only receive money in premiums from people who need much more money spent on them in their health care).  Insurance companies will go out of business, and the government will be "forced" to step in with a single payer system (universal or socialized health care).

This of course leads to a nationwide health care system that will mirror the current Medicare/Medicaid system.  In this system, the government chooses how much to pay doctors.  And they choose to pay them less than is worth it to the doctors.  Therefore, doctors retire and students don't enter medical school in the first place.  Then we have a shortage of doctors which leads to rationing and inferior care.  The government tells pharmacies how much they can charge for drugs.  It is not enough, so new drugs are not made and pharmacies go out of business.  Again, the government is "forced" to take over the pharmacy business.

The citizens of the United States are dependent upon their government for their very life via health care.  My husband has been through cancer.  I know all too well that he was dependent upon his doctor to keep him alive.  A doctor we chose.  This will shift to dependence upon the government.  And they may or may not choose to save you in your hour of need.  But either way they will tax you into poverty for it.  This is bondage.  And I don't want to live in bondage.

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  1. soon we'll be waiting in lines to get our rationed bread and milk....aren't we going to be required to have health insurance? like car insurance?