Friday, December 18, 2009

Majority Rules: Tyranny Wins and We All Lose

With the election of Obama and the elected super majority of democrats in the senate, it would appear that big government is what the majority of voters want. That they would like big government to aid in wealth redistribution. And in a democracy, the majority rules. But as Walter Williams points out, "America's Founders didn't found a democracy, they founded a republic. The authors of The Federalist Papers, arguing for ratification of the Constitution, showed how pure democracy has led historically to tyranny. Instead, they set up a limited government, with checks and balances, to help ensure that the reason of the people, rather than the selfish passions of a majority, would hold sway. Unaware of the distinction between a democracy and a republic, many today believe that a majority consensus establishes morality. Nothing could be further from the truth."

Many Americans do believe we live in a democracy. But the republic we live in is the superior way. This is why our president is elected through the electoral college instead of the popular vote. We may have had a majority of people wanting big government and wealth redistribution. But a majority of people being able to vote for this, i.e. being able to vote themselves some of other "richer" people's money, is what has led to tyranny for others in the past and will lead to tyranny for America if the path of wealth redistribution is continued. People realizing they can vote themselves other people's money and then doing it eventually leads to tyranny because then the government is in control of everyone's lives. The wealthy are beholden to the government because the government takes their wealth and their productivity. Those on welfare are beholden to the government because now they depend on the government for their livelihood. Those the most dependent on welfare are the least likely to ever get off welfare and lead productive and independent lives. The end result is everyone is controlled by the government. This is tyranny.

All of the stimulus bills are putting us in loads of trouble. But government being involved in health care is the biggest and fastest way of wealth redistribution. It is the best way to take money from the wealthiest and send it straight to the poorest, whether the poorest want it or deserve it more or not. America seems to be waking up for now since the last poll I saw showed that 56% of Americans are now against the current proposed healthcare "reform". This desire of elected government officials to pass a healthcare bill no matter what is because of their desire for control. This control matters more than the details of the actual health care bill and is why the details change daily, and most of the senate members do not even know most of the details.

If you have failed to take interest in the Copenhagen summit on climate change, you may be missing the bigger picture. The point of this summit and in international climate change agreements is for poorer countries to vote themselves the wealth of richer countries (America). Yes, more wealth redistribution. It is not about saving the planet. It is about America paying money to poor countries for polluting more, i.e. being more productive, advanced, wealthier, and more free. The Copenhagen summit and others that will follow is an attempt to set up an international government more successful than the U.N. The international government would police all countries (read America), and redistribute the wealth of America. So not only do we have to worry about wealth redistribution stealing our freedom and sending us into tyranny here internally in America (and faster if health care reform passes), but we should be worried about it internationally in the name of climate change.

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  1. I never realized the difference between a republic and a democracy before. I am glad to know that the founding fathers were smart enough to know the difference and to try to protect our nation. Cindy Jones