Friday, September 25, 2009

Murder For Hire - And It's Legal

I was first introduced to the euthanasia issue in a class back in junior high. We were asked to research and support both sides of the issue. At 14 years old, my immediate reaction was of horror – of course it was not okay to help people die no matter what! Since then I have developed an appreciation for the complexities of the issue. However, I still find myself horrified to watch our culture slowly move towards an acceptance and even embracement of the euthanasia movement. I see our culture moving towards more than this even – a culture of death, or a lessening of respect for human life.

It may surprise you to know that three states have legalized assisted suicide: Oregon, Washington, and Montana. There is an actual group whose purpose of existence is to fight for the euthanasia movement. This may also surprise you. As my husband asked me, rather perplexed, “Who is it that has a dog in this fight?” He was unable to comprehend why people would make it their mission to fight for the legal right for others to be helped to kill themselves. It all goes back to my fascination with uncovering secret combinations, and finding that they are not so secret after all. We just may not be aware of them. There is a well funded group called Compassion & Choices with a budget of over $1 million per year that works towards legalized euthanasia. And they are finding success. It is now hip in Washington to support this group. Dr. Kevorkian and the horror that his name conjures is out, and the politically elite such as Senator Dianne Feinstein find themselves as the new faces of the euthanasia movement.

Assisted suicide has been legal in Oregon for several years now. There is no way to monitor how it works in Oregon. Is it abused? Are people put to death that didn’t really want to be? Nobody knows. But we do know that the reason needed to be put to death can be as trivial as depression. In fact, it has been found that most people interested in assisted suicide for themselves has to do with not wanting to be a financial and emotional burden on their families anymore. It is extremely rare to find one who wants to die for the more socially accepted reason of imminent death combined with their doctor having no way to control their pain.

So the group Compassion & Choices has a mission of legalizing euthanasia in all of the states in America. They pour millions each year into the cause. And for what? My husband told me we must follow the money. And the truth of it is very sinister. Compassion & Choices is looking to be the next Planned Parenthood. What Planned Parenthood is to abortion is what Compassion & Choices would like to become for assisted suicide. They would like to be the national premier provider of murder. For hire. And it's legal. And if it becomes legal in every state, you can be sure that taxpayer money will be given to them to accomplish their murders. Have a burdensome relative who is getting on in years? They will be there for you. This is their ultimate intent: to become a cash cow, a billion dollar industry. And the death panels of the proposed Obamacare? The bill stated that the group that would help counsel patients on their end of life decisions would be none other than Compassion & Choices. They lobbied big time for this "privelege". This group, along with their agenda, is extremely dangerous. They pose as big a threat to our society as the abortion movement. They are well funded, and their ultimate goals and even their current doings are secret. They are a secret combination.

And who is fighting against them? Do Americans even know about this fight? And if they do, do they want to join this fight? I feel like Americans actually help them with this fight. But the group is so subtle. The trickeries and deceptions of evil! Americans do not understand this fight, and I will give you the most publicized example of this.

This takes me back to the Terri Schiavo case of 2005. Terri collapsed in 1990 due to cardiac arrest. By the time any of us had heard of Terri Schiavo in 2005, her state was this: she was living as a vegetable with her guardian (the one who makes the medical decisions) being her husband Michael who at the time would not divorce Terri but was and had been living with a new girlfriend for years. The liberal viewpoint, and the viewpoint adopted by many Americans weighing in on the issue, was that Terri should have the right to die since she was living as a vegetable. Those mean conservatives, they would say, why would they make her live this way? However, the problem that Terri's parents and conservatives had with the situation is more complicated. The real problem was that Terri's guardian had a new girlfriend of many years. Instead of divorcing Terri and letting Terri's parents become her guardian, Michael had to stay married to Terri and be married to her when she died to receive all of the malpractice lawsuit money that was intended for Terri's care. Not only this, but not all of the medical tests had been run on Terri to see if she could be rehabilitated; to see if she was in a persistent vegetative state or not. Attempts at rehabilitation were not even tried. You see, if these tests were to be run or rehabilitation programs started, this would cut into Michael's stake of the malpractice money. So the real issue was not whether Terri should be able to die since she was a vegetable, it was whether those final tests should be run before Terri was allowed to die. Michael prevailed and Terri was not allowed to be tested before the plug was pulled. Count this as a major victory for the euthanasia crowd. The liberal viewpoint is the knee-jerk reaction; the obvious conclusion you reach if you have done zero research. The conservative conclusion is reached after an intellectual sifting through the full story.

Most Americans supported the right of Terri to die. But this was because they did not understand the issue. And this is the danger of the Compassion & Choices group. They fight for euthanasia and slowly win the support of Americans. But it is through deception. Americans do not realize that depression is a suitable reason for assisted suicide; that imminent death is not a requirement. I am not opposed to a truly tested person living as a vegetable to be allowed to die on their own. I am opposed to anything beyond this.

We must be on guard and aware of the euthanasia movement. We must fight against it. It is coming at us from all angles – it is the slow and subtle movement of our culture to begin to put less and less value in human life. It begins with the less subtle abortion. Health care rationing is at play, and will be even more if Obamacare passes. It ends with the “right to die with dignity” movement. And lost in the complexities of the issue are the American people. Played like pawns, we begin to support something we don’t understand. Fighting for the right of Terri and other elderly depressed patients or even terminally ill patients to die, although coming from a place of compassion and good intent, does not make it right, okay, or even less evil. We must be aware of this issue and other issues so that we can fight for life, even as millions and even billions each year are poured into secret combinations.


  1. I like these posts. Keep em coming. I like them...I really like them!

  2. Thanks for giving us the background info. It is really easy to be one of the masses who are only hearing the issues the way the media dishes it out. I am glad to be enlightened on what is happening. Now it makes much more sense (and its pretty frightening).