Sunday, September 6, 2009

Health Care Change We Can Believe In

Yes, us conservatives do want health care reform as well! It would just look extremely different than the current Obama/Congress plan. Obama will be addressing the nation shortly in an attempt to drum up some support for his health care proposal/fiasco. He will speak quite a bit about competition and choice. Nice buzz words, for sure, but the current proposal with a government option will do nothing but drive insurance companies out of business and leave us with only one choice - health care run by the government with no other choice and no one left to offer any competition. As Obama's plan continues to lose support, he will attempt to reframe the issue away from health care reform and toward health insurance reform. After all, those health insurance companies are the bad guys.

The best way to offer more competition and one of the current options out there to best reform health care would be to allow people to buy insurance between state lines. Currently, an individual can only purchase health insurance offered in the state that individual lives in. This leaves less "choice and competition", but the government will not currently allow interstate competition. This interstate competition is, however, allowed for car insurance. This is why car insurance is so much more competitive. If you could purchase health insurance from any state in the nation like you can with car insurance, costs would go down, choices would go up, and you would no longer see one or two health insurance companies monopolizing the business in any given state.

This proposal to allow interstate "competition and choice" among health insurance options has been voted on before in the senate. Named the Health Care Choice Act (H.R. 2355), this act was introduced and put to a senate vote back in 2006. Guess who voted against this "competition and choice"? Yep, Senator Barack Obama. Keep this in mind when Obama preaches about "competition and choice" concerning his health care proposal. He is not looking for this at all. He is looking for a government-run, single payer system that allows more control of our lives by the government. (My post entitled "4 Health Care Solutions" outlines some other free market solutions for health care that do not involve a government take-over.)

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