Monday, June 8, 2009

Will You Break The Law To Save Your Life?

Will you break the law to save your life? This choice may be coming soon to you, courtesy of Obama and socialized health care.

Virginia Postrel tells of her battle with breast cancer in the article "My Drug Problem" in The Atlantic magazine. With the traditional ways of fighting breast cancer, Postrel was faced with a 50% odds of recovery. However, the drug Herceptin would give her a 95% chance of recovery. She has achieved full recovery thanks to Herceptin, but the drug cost her insurers $60,000. Postrel details how in New Zealand, Herceptin was not allowed for early stage breast cancer by their socialized health care. It was simply too expensive. That is how socialized health care works. It is advertised as free and comprehensive health care, but there is simply no way, with a taxpayer system, to pay for every drug and treatment. In New Zealand, if you wanted to use Herceptin to fight cancer, you had to pay for it on your own.

Most countries that have socialized health care work much the same. You have your "free" and socialized health care for your basic health needs. Don't get me wrong, your quality will still be less than that of the "broken" current health care system here in the U.S., but you will have your basic health care. However, the only way to keep the system functioning, monetarily, is through rationing. As soon as you get cancer, if you want the comprehensive cancer care you can currently get in the U.S., you must pay for it with your own money.

In the United Kingdom, there are several treatments and drugs that are not allowed by their socialized health care. For example, if you get kidney cancer, there are four new therapies to treat the disease, none of which are allowed in the United Kingdom's health care. If you want to survive the cancer, you must pay for the therapy yourself. They have looked for ways to prevent cancer patients from being able to get these therapies and drugs with their own money, for this is not equal treatment. Some would like it to be against the law. After all, this is what socialized health care is all about - equal health care for all. They would rather everyone just die if the treatment is not approved by the government. However, it has turned into only the rich survive, because the poor don't have access to these same treatments.

What really blows me away is that a two-tiered medicine has become the norm for countries like the UK and France. You have socialized health care for your basic needs, and then you have a private health insurance for your superior health care you need in addition to your basic needs, such as if you get cancer or some other disease that requires more comprehensive and expensive treatment. So these countries with socialized health care also have private insurance! So then you still have the "problem" of the uninsured who can't afford private insurance for when they REALLY need health care, and all of the problems with socialized health care such as deteriorating quality and rationing.

Canada is infested with private clinics that you must go to for cancer drugs. But the government won't pay for these. We are constantly touted the success of these countries with socialized medicine, but we never get the real story. In fact, in Canada in 2007, there was a Canadian woman who lived in Calgary who was pregnant with quadruplets. Calgary did not have the room or quality of care for her to deliver her babies there. She had four neonatal intensive care babies that simply could not be accommodated anywhere in Canada. So she left the big city of Calgary and traveled to Great Falls, Montana to give birth to her babies there. Our health care has problems, but is socialization our solution? And if we move to socialized health care and it destroys our health care to this point, what country will we travel to if we need more specialized care?

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