Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama Schools Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez has referenced Obama's nationalizing of General Motors and said that if he isn't careful, Obama will become more socialist, more left than Chavez. Chavez believes himself to be more conservative than Obama.

Obama is a socialist. He genuinely believes that the rich people in this world got that way through taking advantage of the poor. He does not see the struggle and time put into achieving this wealth, he only sees the plight of the poor, whether they got that way through laziness and bad decisions or not.

I have a relative who went through years and years of medical school and all of the training that comes after this. These were years of financial struggle and financial risk, as well as years of time given up for training. He related the story of an encounter with an old acquaintance who, upon discovering my relative was on the path to becoming a doctor, told my relative that he must really love school and that the old acquaintance could never become a doctor since he didn't love studying. To this my relative replied that he did not love the financial and time sacrifice of becoming a doctor, but he did it for financial stability in the future. What does this struggle represent to Obama? Absolutely nothing except a doctor who rode on the coattails of the poor that did not choose to go to school. It makes no sense to me, but to a socialist, it is only fair to spread this wealth around to all. To take from my relative and give to the poor, even if they are a drug addict, is ideologically the morally correct thing to do for Obama.

Obama is not trying to destroy America, he is simply a socialist. However, we know socialism does not work. This has been proven time and time again. Obama is not trying to destroy America, but it is happening before our eyes notwithstanding.

I do believe that Obama wants to level the playing field at all costs. He does know the financial devastation this will cause to the majority of Americans, but to him the end justifies the means. He knows that most Americans will be hurt dramatically by the ailing economy and emptied 401K retirement plans. It is just better to him that everyone is equal with the poor, even the struggling middle class. Obama also wants us more equal to the rest of the world. If that means the end of United States superiority, then so be it, and perhaps all the better for it.

Capitalism and American freedom began with the shot heard around the world. It is going, going, about to be "gone with [but] a whimper" (Pravda). I am not even sure American citizens know it is happening. California fell based upon the voters voting in the wrong politicians time and time again. Is it too late for our nation? Definitely not. But we for sure voted for the wrong person in Obama. It is not too late. It is time to fight for our freedom. It is imperative to make informed voting decisions in 2010 and 2012.

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