Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lessons From The Iranians (Part II)

The Iranians are marching in the face of death over a meaningless election, and here in America, we do not even vote. In 2008, 57% of the voting age population turned out to vote for the president of the United States. When a presidential election is not involved, federal elections yield 37% of voters. It only gets worse as you get into local elections. So why do people not vote? Perhaps a sense that their vote does not matter or a lack of understanding or caring? I personally feel that we are accountable to God for our vote and for doing all that we can to keep our nation free. The next vote that I miss will be because I am dead. But it is more than just showing up for the vote. An ignorant vote cast is worse than not voting. I feel we are also accountable to God to cast educated votes; that we know the issue and the candidate and understand it completely when we cast our vote. Many Iranians are dying for a chance to have a vote that is counted. We must cast our vote that does count.

By not voting, voting ignorantly, or voting on purpose for socialism, our nation is on the path to losing our freedom. Our constitution is indeed hanging by a thread. Why are we voting for socialism? Because people are scared. Scared of the sour economy, scared of bad times ahead, scared of being responsible for themselves. And so our nation marches off into socialism, choosing to trade freedom for the mirage of security. However, this security will not happen. Socialism has never in the history of the world provided more than a temporary security or prosperity for a nation, and socialism will not give American citizens security or prosperity. It only has ruin to offer.

We have been told that the gospel will spread all over the world in the latter days. That the gospel will expand to countries we never thought possible. In my life, I have seen the gospel allowed in countries I never thought possible such as Russia and East Germany. President Bush brought some freedom to Iraq. With this, missionaries may one day be allowed in the Middle East. Who would have thought? President Bush enabled a little piece of freedom in the Middle East, and we must continue to support additional freedom. We must support freedom in any way we can for Iran. What if this is God’s plan? What if freedom comes to Iran, and one day missionaries are able to enter Iran? It is an exciting time, and I, for one, support this chance for political and possibly religious freedom for Iran.

President Gordon B. Hinckley of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints called on the members of the church to get involved in the political process; to write letters, make phone calls, vote, and do whatever each individual can to be involved in the political process. President Gordon B. Hinckley wanted each individual to know that we can have power to make a difference, and we must use this power. This was a call to me to become more politically involved, to do all I can to promote the cause of freedom and to support the constitution that God blessed us with. And thus, this blog was born.

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  1. I have loved reading your posts so far. I agree with the things you write, and am so glad that you have been inspired to do this. I can't wait for the next post.