Thursday, June 4, 2009

Health Care For All...Hip, Hip, Hooray?

Politics were not widely discussed in my home growing up. I knew my parents voted Republican, but I did not know much about any of the issues. When I was 15 years old, I was assigned in my debate class to learn and be able to debate both sides of the issue on socialized health care. Going into my research, I had no biases, opinions, or previous knowledge about the issue. Given the best arguments for each side of the issue by my teacher, I very quickly came to the conclusion that socialized health care is very bad for citizens. At 15 years old, I knew it would never be a good thing. The more I have learned and researched the issue since this, the more resolute I am in this conviction.

Obama and the democrats are trying to bring socialized health care to the United States. They are trying to get this legislation passed before the end of the year. They know the longer it takes, the more opposition they will see as people realize how bad this will be for them. They are essentially trying to quietly sneak it through before anyone realizes what is happening.

The plan is simply to start by taxing the employer provided health care plans of those who currently have health care and take this tax money to pay for health care for those who are not currently insured. This will facilitate a move into complete government controlled health care. This plan has no methods to control health care costs, so costs will continue to rise. It does nothing to fix any of the problems health care currently has, it will just make it more expensive. And then, later on when everyone's health care will be controlled by the government, there will be extra taxes for risky behavior, since this risky behavior could possibly affect your health. Would you like to pay an extra tax to eat an unhealthy meal, play in the sun, drive your car, and etc.? The list could go on and on. It is all about control. If the government can control your health care, they can control your health behavior, and the goal of this is to have total control over you. The goal of many government programs ultimately is about control and power. Socialism brings much power and control to politicians.

Many doctors currently will not accept Medicare and Medicaid patients since the government sets prices for these patients. These patients are simply not profitable for the doctors. Universal health care will run much the same. As the government sets health care prices, it will no longer be profitable to become a doctor, what with all the financial and time risk involved in becoming a doctor. We will not have quality doctors in the future for our children. It will no longer be profitable to find new drugs and new cures for diseases if the government can put a ceiling on how much a company can charge for a given drug. With no way to recoup the cost of creating a drug and getting it to market, companies will no longer find these new drugs and cures.

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